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Giacomo Renato Longato

Giacomo Renato Longato is a Peruvian-American, currently living in California USA. He was born in Lima, Peru and holds a BS degree in Political Sciences from Peru.
In the 90’s Giacomo was hired by the Peruvian Tourism Fund to research for
alternative tourism. He has written books in English, Spanish and Italian.
Nowadays he dedicates his time to research a fascinating subject about the
megalithic enigmas of the Inca Empire and the use of a forgotten formula capable to “melt stones” with the help of unknown tools yet to be discovered. Ancient architects that possessed high technology that introduced this sophisticated knowledge in remote times before the Incas arrival. He has given lectures in USA, Latin America, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Spain and Portugal. Has been interviewed by the History Channel and Hollywood icon Shirley MacLaine...


El mensaje de los Andes
Giacomo Renato Longato  2021

One of the reasons that prompted me to write this book has been the product of trips made to the interior of the country. Another reason, which I cannot fail to mention, is the agreement of various associations, fraternities, esoteric and spiritual groups, regarding considering the Andean area as The Magnetic Center of the New Age

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Dioses del Pasado
Giacomo Renato Longato  -2021

Writer and diffuser of the enigmas of Inca architecture. Student of the extraterrestrial phenomenon

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